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YellBox DEMO

Please note this demo YellBox uses a CAPTCHA code when entering messages to stop spam, this is optional and most users would be fine keeping the CAPTCHA turned off.

For display purposes, this demo shoutbox assigns avatars at random. You can choose to upload your own avatar instead if you like.

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Upgraded YellBox

To upgrade you must first have a free shoutbox account. If you don't have one, you can sign up. The Upgraded YellBox comes with many more features and advantages over the free version.

  • 30 Day Money Back Guarantee - If you're unhappy with your purchase we will refund the full amount.
  • Just $3 per month or $29.95 USD for a whole year.


We can accept PayPal or credit card payments through CCNow. Both payment methods are very secure.


  • Please include your YellBox username with your payment, if not possible please drop us an email.
  • Upgrades are not instant, they need to be processed by hand, please be patient.

PayPal Users

1 year: $29.95

Monthly subscription: $3 per month.

Further customization

If you have specific needs for your shoutbox we may be able to offer further customizations for a modest fee. Please contact us to make inquiries about this.