TetrisPlayer: I got some new merch from Clout Engine today.

xdfgdfsgdfgh: what is the "tribal" song

noob: nvm was the fault of my vpn?? what the fuck. couldn't properly switch weapons and the scoreboard said people were DEAD at all times too.

noob: is the server fucked right now? when I join my crosshair is just a square and I can't message in chat or anything

dude: TO ADMIN: no show list of maps with the command votemenu, please fix it

noob: ahh nvm it shows up with .m in console as well, but still

noob: what was the link for the player model pack? it shows up in-server now and then but i don't wanna sit in there waiting for it to show up, may want to add it to the list of links on the page here

l: afx2

yup: 1800king dot com

crewds: is the server still alive anymore?

a: a


matahbey: what up

matahbey: hello sello mello

gay: i do the poopie

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