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YellBox DEMO

Please note this demo YellBox uses a CAPTCHA code when entering messages to stop spam, this is optional and most users would be fine keeping the CAPTCHA turned off.

For display purposes, this demo shoutbox assigns avatars at random. You can choose to upload your own avatar instead if you like.

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Server downtime

September 14th, 2009 - YellBox

Our host, the usually dependable Atjeu had some brief technical splutters today. If your shoutbox is behaving unusually or displaying error messages please contact us for some support.


I can't display this widget in my blog, anyway i've use the non java script. Whata should i do???

Just i want to refresh the page to see the message in net rather than localhost

supriatno: I'm unable to speak the language of your blog's system so I don't think I could help much. It is usually just a matter of copying and pasting our HTML code into the right place.

just try ur will be sucess

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