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YellBox DEMO

Please note this demo YellBox uses a CAPTCHA code when entering messages to stop spam, this is optional and most users would be fine keeping the CAPTCHA turned off.

For display purposes, this demo shoutbox assigns avatars at random. You can choose to upload your own avatar instead if you like.

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New website layout

September 11th, 2009 - YellBox

If you've visited the YellBox homepage in the past few days you'll have realized that it looks a lot different from what it used to. I've redesigned the website and customized the forums with a cleaner look, hope you like it. In the coming weeks I also want to update the Admin Control Panel and make it easier to use.

This blog page is also new and will be used for status updates, announcements of new features related to our shoutbox, that kind of stuff. As always, comments and suggestions are welcome.


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