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YellBox DEMO

Please note this demo YellBox uses a CAPTCHA code when entering messages to stop spam, this is optional and most users would be fine keeping the CAPTCHA turned off.

For display purposes, this demo shoutbox assigns avatars at random. You can choose to upload your own avatar instead if you like.

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International languages

March 3rd, 2010 - YellBox

In the spirit of supporting more international languages, we've changed our database over to the UTF character system. Hopefully this means our shoutbox will allow people to use more accented characters and so on.

Character encoding is well known for being problematic, so please get in touch if something is broken or doesn't look right any more.


The texts don't look right... Please repair! Language of my shoutbox is hungarian.

@djgekko thanks for writing. Did it work ok before?

Yes, it worked ok before the changing. Now it doesn't. Thus I can't use... :(

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